Questions about Keyword Text Messaging

How do I cancel my enrollment? How do I opt out?

To STOP any Mobile Program at any point —simply reply STOP to 25827

How do I receive help?

For HELP reply HELP to 25827, call (402) 730-7646 or email

How much does the program cost?

Message and data rates may apply. We never charge you for the messages, however, your mobile service provider may charge you for SMS text messages as a part of your contract or service. Please contact your mobile service provider for details.

How many messages will I receive?

You should receive between 0 and 5 messages per month.

Will you share my personal information with third parties?

We respect your interest in keeping your personal information private. We will never sell or rent your information to any third parties or outside mailing lists. For more information, see our privacy policy or review the terms of your offer.

Questions about using the Pogo Card mobile app

How do I reset my password?

Please click here to reset your password.

I don't remeber my username?

Your username is your email address you used to register with the Pogo Card App. Send us an email at if you need help remembering the email you used.

How do I ensure the fundraising individual I am supporting gets credit for my purchase?

When you buy or activate a mobile discount card you have the option to tell us the name of the person that you are supporting with your purchase.

What is the difference between the traditional Pogo Card and the Pogo Card App?

The Pogo Card App gives users the ability to purchase mobile discount cards, each packed with valuable offers. In that respect, it is similar to the traditional Pogo Card, just in digital form and always in your pocket! Another key advantage of the mobile discount card is that it is continuously updated with new offers throughout your membership period! The Pogo Card App will allow you to sort the offers to determine which are closest to your location, as well as alert you when you’re near Pogo Card deals if you’ve enabled notifications on your device. In addition to the Pogo Card, the Pogo Card App will also facilitate the sale of discount cards and items catered to the specific fundraising programs of various organizations.

How much does it cost to buy a mobile discount card from a fundraiser or directly from Pogo Card?

A mobile discount card subscription will be priced anywhere from $10 to $100 on an annual renewal basis, depending on the value of the offers included and the goals of the fundraising program.

I purchased a mobile discount activation card directly from a fundraiser or another seller. How do I access my deals?

Download and install the Pogo Card mobile app by clicking here. Open the Pogo Card app from your smartphone and simply follow the on-screen instructions to create an account and activate your mobile discount card. You can begin using your mobile discounts immediately.

What is the Pogo Card mobile app?

The Pogo Card mobile app enables you to purchase, activate and use your mobile discount card. The app uses your phone's location and notification services to conveniently remind you when you can use your mobile discounts which you redeem by simply showing the screen on your phone to get instant savings on your purchases.

How much does the Pogo Card app cost?

The Pogo Card mobile app is FREE. After you install it on your smartphone you will have the opportunity to activate or purchase a mobile discount card that is offered from a fundraiser or Pogo Card.

Is my mobile discount card purchase a tax deductible donation for income tax purposes?

Although your purchase may benefit a non-profit organization, transactions in which product or service is received in exchange for a donation are never tax deductible.

If I am not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

In general, your mobile discount card purchase is non-refundable. Please contact us via email at if you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase.If we determine that you are eligible for a refund, then it will be pro-rated, in months, based on the time you had access to your mobile discount card. If you purchased your mobile discount card through a fundraiser, the portion of your payment that benefitted the fundraising organization will not be refunded.

How do I use my mobile discount card?

Your discounts can only be redeemed directly from your smartphone at the vendor-specified location. Simply open the Pogo Card mobile app, click on the local restaurant, retailer or service provider discount offer that you would like use, and show your phone screen to the cashier when ordering or at check out. Your mobile discount will be automatically applied to your bill.

What should I do if my mobile discount is not accepted by a vendor?

Sometimes our partner locations may not have fully trained their staff on how to accept a mobile discount card. If you have trouble using a mobile discount, then we will work with you and our partners to quickly resolve the issue. We guarantee all of our discount offers, so please contact us immediately at 402-730-7646 or by email at so we can assist.

Can I combine my mobile discounts with any other coupons, offers or promotions?

In general, you cannot combine your mobile discounts with any other coupons, offers or promotions. All mobile discounts can only be used in accordance to the terms set forth by Pogo Card and its Partners.

How does the Pogo Card mobile app use my smartphone’s location?

The Pogo Card App will use your smartphone’s current location to remind you of a discount when you are near a restaurant, retailer or service provider location that offers you one. We never share your personal location at any time or for any reason with other users or any third party partners. We may share aggregated and de-identified location information with our partners for analytic purposes only.

Why don’t I get mobile discount notifications all of the time?

So that the Pogo Card App does not become annoying, our development team implemented limitations on the number and frequency of the mobile discount notifications that we send to you. For example, you may not receive a notification when you are near a business location offering you a discount if you have recently received a notification from another nearby business or from the business that you are currently near.

Can my mobile discounts be changed or removed?

Because all of our partners have online access to their offer listings, offers will sometimes be changed or updated to best serve the mutual needs of the businesses and their customers. In addition, Pogo Card will continuously add new businesses and discount offers to the program. Individuals who have purchased access to the Pogo Card mobile discount card will have access to these offers.

Can I purchase more than one mobile discount card?

The Pogo Card app allows for multiple mobile discount card purchases. To do so, visit the menu in the app and select “Buy More.” There, you’ll find a listing of the other mobile discount cards and fundraisers in your area. If you choose to repurchase your current mobile discount card, your membership will automatically be extended for 1 year beyond its current expiration date.

How do I manage Pogo Card notifications?

To manage the notifications you receive from the Pogo Card App, open the mobile app and select “Notifications” from the menu items. To toggle all notifications on and off, simply tap “All Notifications.” To turn off mobile notifications for a specific restaurant, retailer, or service provider, select “Discount Notifications” to see a list of vendors and to toggle those notifications on and off.

Does Pogo Card automatically share my information with Facebook?

No, we do not automatically share any of your information with Facebook unless you explicitly consent and preauthorize us to do so.

Questions about fundraising using the Pogo Card app

How does a mobile discount card fundraiser work?

Click here to see an online demo of a successful mobile discount fundraiser.

How much does my fundraiser make when I buy their mobile discount card?

When mobile discount cards are purchased through a fundraiser, the beneficiary can earn between 30% and 60% of the purchase price – depending on the terms of the fundraising contract.

How do I get the discount locations needed for my fundraiser’s mobile discount card?

The beauty of the Pogo Card App is that the discount offers already exist in the Pogo Card database. Because we maintain a large network of mobile discount locations, we will work with you to select locations and customize your card. If you’ve discussed support for your organization with a specific vendor, we can add exclusive discounts to your mobile discount card with the digital agreement of that vendor. For questions, contact us at

How much does it cost to set up a mobile discount card fundraiser?

Because it’s free to activate a mobile discount card fundraiser with Pogo Card and there are no minimums or up-front commitments required, fundraising with Pogo Card is 100% risk-free. If you don't sell your mobile discount card, you won’t pay for it. The only cost involved with a fundraiser would be if the organization chooses to print mobile app activation cards to sell. Contact us at to set up your mobile discount card fundraiser today!

How do I promote and sell a mobile discount card?

Our mobile cards can be sold face-to-face, door-to-door, purchased online, or purchased in our mobile app using any major credit card or PayPal account. This makes it easy to sell your card from your email list, website and social media accounts. Pogo Card will even provide you with free online marketing services (Facebook, email, and text messaging) to help you sell your card. Some organizations will choose to sell mobile activation cards face-to-face. To do this, advanced notice and payment for the printing of the cards is required.